Monday, January 10, 2011

Preschool Bento

Happy Monday, y'all!!  It has been forever since I've posted.  I got some awesome new bento supplies from my husband for Christmas.  I've been so excited to use them!!

Timothy's lunch for tomorrow is in this round container we got at the Disney Store in Orlando, FL.  It's so cute and it's Timothy's favorite color - green!

 It's packed with leftovers from dinner, which he loves, and some veggies and fruit, which he also loves!  The giraffe fork, the leaf picks and the sauce containers are all new!  :D

Buttered Kluski noodles with Parmesan cheese and baked chicken bites
Cucumber halves and carrots
grapes, blueberries, a blackberry and a halved strawberry
One sauce container with ranch (for the veggies)
One sauce container with ketchup (for the chicken)
He'll also have a mini apple and a yogurt

This is a pretty good sized lunch for my preschooler, but I have a feeling that he'll eat the majority of it!