Saturday, February 25, 2012

Menu Plan Week of Feburary 26-March 3, 2012

Good Saturday evening!  I finished my menu plan in record time this week!  I guess because I didn't have to plan from lunch Friday through dinner Saturday.  Todd is leading a marriage retreat for the soldiers in his unit Friday-Sunday in Chattanooga, TN.  All our meals will be out this weekend.  Not too sure how I feel about that.  I try to make as many whole food meals for my family and stay away from processed things.  Kinda hard to do when you're eating out.  And salads aren't always at the top of my list of things to order at a restaurant.  Maybe I can get us to some restaurants that will have some good choices.  Its worth a shot, right?

We're babysitting our new neighbor's boys Thursday evening so they can have a date before he goes away for a month next weekend.  Hence the hot dogs and mac and cheese offering.  Dad and I will be having a wonderful soup.  Easy dinner for right before traveling.  :)

Enjoy the menu for this week - I hope you can find something new to try on your family!

Sunday, Feb. 26

B - Soaked Baked Apple Oatmeal - soaking grains before cooking them helps in digestion.  Hoping it helps Asher out since he's had such a sick stomach this last week.  Recipe here.
L - out - we have a LOT of running around to do today!
D - Soup and Grilled Cheese sandwiches

Monday, Feb 27

B - Pancakes with real maple syrup
L - Turkey and Crackers
D - Beef Stroganoff - recipe here.

Tuesday, Feb 28

B - Eggs in a cup
L - Veggie Confetti Dip with crackers - recipe here.
D - Easy Noodle Stir Fry

Wednesday, Feb 29

B - Cinnamon Toast
L - Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches
D -Chapel - Pot Luck!

Thursday, March 1

B - Muffins (banana or applesauce)
L - Meat and Cheese
D - Tortellini Soup/hot dogs with mac and cheese

Friday, Mar 2

B - Cereal

Hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Missy :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Menu Plan Week of February 19-25, 2012

Good evening friends!  I actually got my menu plan finished tonight, so I can get it posted before the week begins!  Yippee for me!  ;)

Sunday, Feb 19

B - Apple Butter Braid (yes, I have these things in my freezer.  My kid sold them for school.)
L - Grilled Cheese sandwiches on whole grain bread, apples and grapes
D - Spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce (Timothy's request), salad and bread

Monday, Feb 20

B - Giant Breakfast Cookies (recipe here), fruit salad
L - Homemade English Muffin Pizzas, applesauce
D - Herb Roasted Chicken Drumsticks and Veggies (recipe here)

Tuesday, Feb 21

B - Pancakes, bacon, fruit
L - Turkey and Cheese with crackers lunchable, grapes
D - Soup from the freezer (I have many options.  Just depends on how I'm feeling), salad

Wednesday, Feb 22

B - Scrambled eggs, cinnamon toast
L - Quesadillas, apples
D - Chapel

Thursday, Feb 23

B - Muffins, fruit and yogurt
L - Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches
D - Grilled Pineapple Chicken (recipe here) with Apple Coleslaw (recipe here)

Friday, Feb 24

B - Baked French Toast with fruit
L - Ham and Cheese with Crackers lunchable, grapes
D - Leftovers (or BLT's, since my husband has requested them)

Saturday, Feb 25

B - Cereal - special treat!
D - Burgers and Hot Dogs (or whatever else I can come up with)

I found a recipe for Quinoa Mac and Cheese that I'm dying to try...just not sure how my family will react.  ;)

Have a blessed week, friends!

Missy  :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Menu Plan Week of February 12-18

Hello friends!  Here's another week of meals for you!  I was feeling a bit uninspired yesterday as I was trying to come up with meals for this week, so I turned to facebook friends.  They gave me some great ideas!  Be on the lookout over the next few weeks for shout outs to my friends who gave me inspiration!

Sunday, Feb 12

B - homemade cinnamon rolls, grapes, strawberries
L - whatever you can find!
D - Chili, cheese, crackers, cucumbers and carrots with ranch

Monday, Feb 13

B - Scrambled eggs,fruit/yogurt parfait
L - Quesadillas, applesauce
D - Chicken veggie soup, rolls, salad

Tuesday, Feb 14 - Valentine's Day!

B - Waffles
L - Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
D - Turkey Tetrazinni, green beans

Wednesday, Feb 15

B - Baked Oatmeal
L - Leftover tetrazinni
D - Chapel

Thursday, Feb 16

B - Muffins, fruit
L - meat and cheese, applesauce
D - Chicken nuggets and green beans for boys (dad will be in ATL for a meeting)

Friday, Feb 17

B - Baked Oatmeal
L - Noodle Stir Fry
D - Pancakes (dad will be in ATL overnight for meetings)

Saturday, Feb 18

B - Cereal
D - Burgers and Dogs, fries

One day, I'll give you a brief explanation of why some days the meals seem a bit on the thin side. 

Have a blessed day!

Missy  :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Menu Plan Week of Feb. 5-11, 2012

First full week of February and we've got a lot going on.  I've picked up a piano student on Tuesday afternoons and we're having some friends over Tuesday evening for dinner.  Then 2 rehearsals on Wednesday evening and PWOC on Thursday.  Speech therapy on Monday and Friday mornings.  School for Timothy each afternoon.  *Phew*  No wonder I'm always ready for the weekends!

Here's what's on the plan for this week.  Nothing fancy...easy peasy. 

Sunday, Feb. 5

B - Muffins, scrambled eggs, fruit
L - out (we ended up today at Jason's Deli)
D - Reubens, buffalo chicken dip and salsa and chips for Mom and Dad, chicken nuggets, french fries and grapes for the boys

Monday, Feb 6

B - Waffles, fruit
L - Peanut butter and honey sandwiches, cheesy puffs
D -  Grilled Chicken in Lemon Marinade, salad

Tuesday, Feb 7

B - Eggs in a cup, strawberries
L - Grilled Cheese, carrots with ranch
D - Spaghetti with marinara sauce, salad, bread, Banana Pudding with homemade pudding for dessert

Wednesday, Feb 8

B - Oatmeal
L - Leftover noodles with parmesan cheese, fruit
D - Chapel

Thursday, Feb 9

B - Giant Breakfast Cookies
L - Meat and Cheese, cucumbers and ranch
D - Shepherd's Pie, green beans

Friday, Feb 10

B - Muffins, yogurt and fruit
L - Mozzarella bites, green beans
D - leftovers (if there are any!)

Saturday, Feb 11

B - Cereal
L - YOYO - You're On Your Own  :)
D -Burgers and Dogs

Do you have a busy week this week?  What do you do to make mealtime easier?

Missy  :)