Wednesday, March 9, 2011

St. Patrick's Day craft

I recently found a website called No Time for Flash Cards and this mom has all these great ideas for crafts and teaching.  I've loved looking through it and have found lots of ideas.  Too many, in fact!  :)

Anyway, she posted about marshmallow shamrocks that she crafted with her son.  Because I wanted to do this with Timothy, I tried my best to figure out how I could get somewhere, anywhere to get colored mini marshmallows today.  I can't wait to do a fun project - I have to do it as soon as I see the idea.  But with both boys sick and I'm not the best looking thing today, I decided the craft would have to wait.

Then I remembered that I had some strawberry marshmallows in the pantry and decided to do a heart.  Yes, I know - Valentine's Day was last month.  I'm a month late.  So what?  We had a good time!  I cut the enormous marshmallows in half and had Timothy and Asher glue them on to a heart shape that I drew on a piece of construction paper.  No big deal and they loved it! 

Here's Asher's heart - and NO, I didn't rearrange all of the hearts.  He actually did a really good job on his own!  :)

Here's Timothy's heart:

I had him color inside the heart that I drew first.  Then we put the 'smellas' on. :)

I was trying to think of a way to do the shamrock craft today and remembered that I had a bag of generic fruit loops in my pantry that have been there since last fall.  And I remembered that they are rainbow colored.  SCORE!!  So that's what we did!

Here's Timothy sampling the fruit loops to make sure they are satisfactory.  :)

I'm not sure what Asher was trying to tell me - I think he needs to lay off the fruit loops though.  ;)

Here's Timothy mid-way through.  He's very fastidious about putting the fruit loops on.  His hands are in the air because he got some glue on them and he's rubbing his hands together. 

I love to watch his little hands at work.  He's so careful.

Finished product!  He's so proud and had a good time.

Here's a better shot.  I promised him that tomorrow we'd make rainbows with those same fruit loops.  He helped me make one tonight - his will be fantastic I'm sure!