Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day cards

So my son Timothy went back to school today after a long 2 week break.  Last week he was sick and the week before...well, just don't get me started.  Let me say this: if you're a mom and you've not had to go advocate for your child yet, just wait.  Momma Bear, Momma Lioness, Momma Bull Elephant will come out and you'll not realize you had it in you.  I had to do just that this week for Timothy and although I'm not pleased with the end result, I am happy he's back at school.

Anyway, *putting that behind me*, I found out today that Thursday will be his class's Valentine's Day party.  He usually doesn't go to school on Thursday because he has therapy.  However, I knew he would be decorating a bag to receive Valentines in from his friends, so I knew we had to have some to pass out.  We may be able to make it to school for the last hour on Thursday, so maybe he'll be able to participate in the passing out and the party part. We'll see.

Me being the way that I am, I didn't WANT to get back out to WalMart and stand around trying to decide what valentines to purchase for Timothy to take to school.  I didn't want the hassle.  Plus, I have drawers FULL of card crafting items that are screaming to be used.  So, I made my own valentines and I think they came out pretty cute!  Timothy helped by gluing the eyes on and stamping his thumb into a heart shape on the back. 

Here are the fronts - there are 5 girls in his class and 7 boys (including him).  I'm sure you can tell which card is for whom, right?  I used pieces of white cardstock that are 4x6 inches, I believe.  I traced the heart shape from a cookie cutter and tied the bows with the swiss dot ribbon, which I stuck on the hearts with a glue dot.  The red squares are 2 1/4 inches, the striped squares are 2 inches and the white rectangle piece is 2 inches x 1/2 inch.  If you can't read it, it says "one of a kind".  I thought that was a nice sentiment for a 3 year old to share with his friends, and plus each heart is different, so it's fitting there too.

I'm having some issue getting this picture turned correctly - sorry.  Anyway, here's the back.  I was going to try and get him to write his own name, but that didn't work.  So instead, I had him stamp his little thumb in a pseudo-heart shape, which I drew a heart around so the kids would know what it was.  :)

It took me just a couple of hours to make 12 cards.  I made them in the time Asher took a nap, which was about 2 hours.  Not too shabby!  And that's even with recutting the squares down a bit because I had made them too large to begin with. 

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Tracy said...

Very cute v-day cards, Missy! I love the thumbprint heart.