Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pool time!!

The boys and I are visiting my parents in Florida this week and it's finally been pretty enough to get into the pool.  The first few days we were here, it was cold and rainy.  Yes, I said cold.  Low 80's for highs.  That's cold in Florida for the first of July.

Anyway, we got into the pool today, much to the delight of my children.  Timothy, my almost 3 year old, loves the water.  I mean, LOVES.  Has no problem whatsoever giving me a heart attack by standing too close to the edge before there's anyone in the pool to rescue him if he happens to fall in.  We borrowed a life jacket from some friends for Timothy to wear.  I was afraid that he wouldn't like to wear it, or would refuse to wear it.  Thankfully, he stood still while I tightened the straps and got it on him.  It wasn't until we were getting into the pool that my mom said "It's on backward."  Thanks mom...couldn't you have mentioned that a few minutes sooner? 

I have a float for my 10 month old, Asher.  It was actually a first birthday present for Timothy, but he never got the chance to use it.  It's really cool in that it has a place for the baby to sit, and it also has mesh on it so the baby can play in the water.  Asher loved it.  His first time in the pool and he was kicking his feet and laughing.  Precious.  However, he did drink and snort up about 2 gallons of water before he stopped dropping his head into the mesh part of the float.  Takes awhile, that one...

We were in the pool for about 1 1/2 hours.  Timothy even got brave enough to jump off the side into my waiting arms.  I wish that I could've seen that happening rather than being on the receiving end of it.  I'm sure it was hysterical.  I hope soon to make sure to put him under when he jumps.  Maybe that will teach him to keep his mouth shut when he jumps.

I'm just kidding about the putting him under...I think...

Many blessings,
Missy  :)

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