Wednesday, October 27, 2010

11/1 Muffin Tin on 10/27!

OK- yeah, I know - It's the Wednesday before the actual Muffin Tin Monday for 11/1.  I get that you're not supposed to be making Muffin Tin Monday meals on Wednesdays.  I get it.  However, I had a spark of creativity and when that happens, you just gotta roll with it.  Right? 

So here's the boy's muffin tin meal for next Monday, served Wednesday 10/27.  If I tried to save it until Monday, it would be all gross and icky and not at all cute.  The theme is trees, leaves and harvest.  I'm not sure I hit on all those points, but I gave it my best shot.  :)


There's food for both boys in this 12 cup muffin stone - that's why it looks so full!  Since both sides are the same, I'll only explain what's in them once.

Top row - L to R - Stir fried broccoli 'trees' with apple and cheese flowers, banana muffin with pumpkin pick
Middle row - L to R - Acorn shaped apple cinnamon french toast with 'sap' (syrup) for dipping (to be added later), oak leaf shaped apple pieces
Bottom row - L to R - 1/2 Babybel cheese with apple shape in the wax, bologna sammy on 15 grain bread with cheese leaf - face of cucumber peel.
Sugar pumpkins scattered about...

This was so much fun!  Time consuming, yes.  I spent all of nap time making this.  But I know they're going to love it when they see it.  :)


Update, later this afternoon...

So I served the boys their muffin tin as a before dinner snack.  I decided we'd meet some friends for dinner at CiCi's, and I knew that what I'd fixed for them would be WAY healthier than the copious amount of pizza they'd eat there.  Here are some shots of them enjoying their tin.  :)

Timothy's first look at the tin.

Asher's first look and his first tin!

This is what Asher looked like the entire time!

Timothy is enjoying a piece of cheese.

Here is the afternath of said Muffin Tin Meal.  All that's pretty much left is the broccoli and the banana muffins.  Then we went to dinner with some friends and Timothy ate 1 1/2 pieces of pizza, a breadstick and a half and a piece of apple pizza and Asher ate 1 piece of pizza, a breadstick and several bites of dessert pizza.  Wow.  Lots of food consumed today by my children.  I can't imagine they'll wake up hungry.  :)


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the pancakes. What a great tin!

Shay S. said...

I love the leaves & baby bell cheese w/ the apple cutout.