Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last day of preschool snack bento

Tomorrow is the last day of preschool for Timothy before Christmas break.  His teachers asked that we bring a 'good snack' for him as they're going to have meat and cheese trays, etc, after the school's Christmas program.  No childcare for younger siblings, so we'll see how long Asher and I last at this thing.  :)

Anyway, since I had to send something, might as well be a bento, right?  Timothy's teachers comment so often on his lunches.  "His are so cute!"  "You must get up at 5 to do these, right?"  "We're always excited to see what fun thing he has each day!"  Makes me proud.  :)

Snack bento for Thursday in our new LunchBot Pico box!

Angel hair pasta with butter and parmesan cheese
bologna snowman with cheddar hat, cucumber eyes, carrot nose and red pepper mouth
and mini chocolate chips for buttons
clementine segments and blackberries
blueberries and kiwi in silicone cup
Nestle crunch bell

If you had to eat a snack, wouldn't you want it to be fun like this?  Me too!!

I added this bento to's What's for Lunch Wednesday? blog.  Check out all the other fun bentos people are making!  So much inspiration in one place!

Bento Lunch



Stephanie Rempe said...

Cute, cute, cute! I have to try my hand at some bologna and cheese decorations. Too scared I'll mess it up!

Tracy said...

OMG, you are my hero. I don't know how you do it.